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Population Health Intelligence for the Entire Care Team


i2iTracks is the leading Population Health Management System used today by more than 1,000 health centers, clinics, hospitals, and private physician practices in more than 34 states to proactively care for patient populations, and analyze and improve health outcomes. i2iTracks integrates with your Electronic Health Record (EHR), Practice Management System (PMS), Lab vendors, Pharmacies, Immunization Registries, and other systems, aggregating data about your entire patient population. Patient care teams use i2iTracks daily to identify and actively manage groups of patients to improved health, improving chronic disease management and outreach for wellness and preventive care.


i2iTracks breaks down the barriers to your EHR data with powerful analytics tools that support proactive rather than reactive management of patient populations, resulting in improved staff efficiency and clinical outcomes. i2iTracks enables clinical team members to uncover differences in populations by patient age, race, gender, provider, location, payer, and a number of other clinical measures. Once a subpopulation is identified, i2iTracks’ built-in tools allow you to manage recall, tracking and follow up. The results: effective follow up, better patient compliance and ultimately, healthier populations.

i2iTracks 7.4 has been tested and certified to calculate more than 40 clinical quality measures. The 2014 criteria support Stage 2 Meaningful Use measures required to qualify eligible providers to receive incentive payment under the HITEC Act. Click here to view certified criteria and learn more about purchasing i2iTracks 7.4.

i2iTracks 7.4 is 2014 Edition compliant and has been certified as an EHR Module by an ONC‐ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services or guarantee the receipt of incentive payments. This certified product-version requires a one-time software and interface license purchase as well as annual support and maintenance fees.

InfoGard, an ONC-ACB authorized company, certified i2iTracks 7.4 as a modular EHR system on DATE. i2iTracks 7.4 received certification #TBD. A public version of the test report can be found at http://www.infogard.com/healthcare_it/ehr_testing_and_certification/ehr_certified_products

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Click here to view certified criteria for i2iTracks 7.4.


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Population Health Management Features

Population health management is an approach to health that aims to improve the health of an entire population. Population health seeks to move beyond the individual-level focus of medicine by addressing a broad range of factors that impact health on a population level.

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Population Analytics Features

i2i Systems' Population Health Analytics delivers feature-rich reporting with the ability to perform advanced health care data analytics and more. 

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Compliance Features

i2iTracks meets the standards and guidelines of today's critical health care initiatives. Whether your organization is in the process of applying or needs help getting started, i2iTracks will support your efforts.

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Proactive Care Features

i2iTracks provides the tools needed to support you in effective day-of-care planning, including the ability to perform patient searches and audits, track referrals and medications, and set up preventive care measures.

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Custom Data Integrator (CDI)

One of the biggest challenges with integrating disparate Health IT systems is connecting source data accurately. Every organization implements their EHR differently and multiple fields are used for the same underlying data. Over time, changes occur to the source data, necessitating further changes in all systems that need to access that data.

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The i2iTracks population health intelligence solution provides quick-and-easy access to the EyePACS software via a direct interface with i2iTracks. Create your EyePACS case through i2iTracks -- the case data and the patient’s demographic information is automatically sent to EyePACS.

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i2i SmartPap

Pap results are reported as narratives, which makes simple data analysis against a numeric measure nearly impossible. Manually reviewing Pap smear results is time consuming, as each one must be interpreted by a provider or skilled GYN Nurse, and a decision made about normalcy and the resulting follow up. The high probability of error when a narrative is distilled into a summary result creates inefficiencies and can have disastrous impacts on patients.

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Print, Fold and Seal Solution

Part of effective patient relationship management is cost-effective and frequent communications. Patient recall notices, lab results and other correspondence containing Personally Identifiable Information, is the life blood of a health care organization’s outreach, yet it is subject to HIPAA, which imposes tremendous restrictions.

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