Population Health Intelligence for the Entire Care Team


What do more than 2,000 healthcare organizations across 35 states have in common?

They all use i2iTracks, the leading Population Health Management and Analytics Solution from i2i Systems. That’s because i2iTracks is leading the way and supporting organizations in achieving the Triple Aim by proactively managing patient care, leading to better health outcomes and reduced cost.

i2iTracks works by unleashing the data from disparate Electronic Health Record (EHR), Practice Management System (PMS), Lab vendors, Pharmacies, Immunization Registries, Claims data and other systems, to empower your care teams.

  • Gives your front-line care teams the insight they need to provide proactive rather than reactive management of patient populations. The result is improved chronic disease management and greater patient compliance for wellness and preventive care.
  • Enables your management team to improve performance by making data-driven decisions based on insights gleaned from comparative analytics and benchmarking.
  • Supports your QI staff in identifying areas that need improvement and monitoring the progress of QI initiatives for the entire team
  • Helps your providers identify and manage their panels proactively.

With real-time information at their fingertips, your care teams are more efficient and can focus on delivering the highest quality, proactive care. Our newest analytics innovations, Integrated Team Intelligence, puts even more information at your fingertips.

i2iTracks has been tested and certified to calculate more than 40 clinical quality measures. The 2014 criteria support Stage 2 Meaningful Use measures required to qualify eligible providers to receive incentive payment under the HITEC Act.1

Learn more about i2iTracks certification, or view certified criteria for i2iTracks here.

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1. i2iTracks 7.4 is 2014 Edition compliant and has been certified as an EHR Module by an ONC‐ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services or guarantee the receipt of incentive payments. This certified product-version requires a one-time software and interface license purchase as well as annual support and maintenance fees.

Why i2i Systems is the Leader in Population Health Management

Population health management is an approach to health that aims to improve the health of an entire patient population. Population health seeks to move beyond the individual-level focus of medicine by addressing a broad range of factors that impact health on a population level.

To accomplish this, you need a comprehensive solution that delivers all of the information you need right to your care teams. You need i2iTracks.

i2iTracks offers a robust set of user-friendly features designed to increase the efficiency of your care teams and empower them to provide proactive care.

Features include:

  • Custom Data Integrator (CDI) reduces the time and complexity of interfacing to your systems by providing an easy tool for extracting data from your EHR and standardizing the data as it populates in i2iTracks. Available with select EHRs.
  • Patient Outreach and Recall provides you with a comprehensive yet easy method to remind your patients to return for preventive care, immunizations and other important procedures
  • Immunization Tracking reduces the stress of tracking and reporting on childhood and adult immunizations and easily identify children who are out of compliance
  • Medication Tracking allows you to easily produce meaningful reports on drug types prescribed for defined populations
  • Referral Management enables you to easily track and manage all your patient referrals
  • Proactive Day-of-Care Planning with i2iTracks Today—your dashboard for all key clinical indicators that need to stay on your radar and your go-to task list
  • Chronic Disease Management allows you to customize your own care models or simply use one of our disease and condition registry templates
  • Preventive Care helps you manage ongoing quality patient care and prevent key activities from falling through the cracks
  • Patient Search and Data Audit offers robust, yet easy to use filters to provide outstanding patient search capabilities
  • Comprehensive, Customized Reporting to support your key regulatory filing requirements, federal programs and pay-for-performance initiatives
  • Healthcare Analytics with feature-rich reporting gives you the ability to easily perform advanced healthcare data analytics
  • Compliance Features to support you in meeting the standards and guidelines of today's critical health care initiatives


Custom Data Integrator (CDI)
i2i Systems introduced the Custom Data Integrator (CDI) to help you deal with the challenge of diverse and changing input data in the most cost-effective way. The CDI reduces the time and complexity of interfacing to your systems by providing an easy tool for extracting data from your EHR and standardizing the data as it populates in i2iTracks. Available with select EHRs.

Referral Tracking Interface
i2iTracks Referral Tracking Interface automatically stores all of the details of the referral, including basic referral information, insurance authorization, appointment tracking, monitoring of status, and a log of all staff efforts to complete a referral. The integration of the i2iTracks Referral Tracking Interface and EHR helps keep referrals from getting lost or falling through the cracks. Available with select EHRs.

Integrated Team Intelligence

Our dream is to put relevant data in your hands that will transform your level of performance. We believe data is the new currency and having relevant data at your fingertips when you need it the most allows you to make intelligent decisions about your patient populations. Integrated Team Intelligence, known as “iTi,” is a suite of advanced data tools that will not only revolutionize the way you look at data, but empower you to deliver care at a whole new level. 

The i2iTracks population health intelligence solution provides quick-and-easy access to the EyePACS software via a direct interface with i2iTracks. Create your EyePACS case through i2iTracks -- the case data and the patient’s demographic information is automatically sent to EyePACS.

i2i SmartPap
i2i SmartPap streamlines Women’s Cancer-Screening Management by automating categorization of pathology results and grouping patients with like results, improving the quality of your organization’s women’s health initiatives.

Print, Fold and Seal Solution
i2i Systems partnered with JK Data Corp and developed the Print, Fold and Seal solution for i2iTracks to eliminate laborious folding, stuffing and sealing chores, while making patient correspondence HIPAA compliant.