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Referral Tracking Interface

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are effective tools in helping providers request a specialty referral at the time of the patient’s visit. Many EHR users have found that i2iTracks Referral Management offers a much more robust tracking system that stores all of the details of the referral, including basic referral information, insurance authorization, appointment tracking, monitoring of status, and a log of all staff efforts to complete a referral.

With the i2iTracks Referral Tracking Interface, providers continue to enter the order into the EHR, and that same referral order is automatically open in i2iTracks’ Referral Management system. The resulting order contains the referral source, specialty, reason, type, ICD-9, insurance, clinical notes, and more!

The integration of the i2iTracks Referral Tracking Interface and EHR helps keep referrals from getting lost or falling through the cracks.

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Immunization Tracking interface


Many regional and state level immunization registries are allowing electronic interfacing between the registry and i2iTracks. Some registries simply accept immunization data from i2iTracks to eliminate manual data entry.

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