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Increase Referral Success with i2iTracks

Referrals are an essential part of primary health care. When completed effectively, referrals demonstrate the primary care provider’s commitment to each patient’s health. The result: a higher perception and rating of quality of care. Proper referral management leads to enhanced patient health - and often higher reimbursement - as it is an essential part of pay-for-performance programs including Meaningful Use, Patient-Centered Medical Home and others.

i2iTracks’ Referral Manager makes managing and tracking referrals effective and efficient. The Patient Referral screen allows your staff to collect the rich data for each referral, which is essential for successful and timely completion. Reporting on this data provides management with important information on trends and statistics that can lead to reduced cost and higher quality of patient care.

The i2iTracks patient referral screen goes beyond the data typically tracked by your EHR, as it can be customized with data fields specific to your organization’s needs. You can track the reason for the referral, location and specialist referred to, referral status, and more to enable effective follow up and management.

The i2iTracks Referral Manager is an easy-to-review summary of all referrals, and can be sorted by source, specialty, status, etc. to identify referrals that need attention. Tracking referrals in this way reduces the probability that a referral will fall through the cracks.

The Referral Statistics Report takes the analysis of your referrals to the next level by providing detailed statistics by provider, specialties and referral sources. Exposing patterns and frequency of referrals by provider helps management uncover opportunities to negotiate volume discounts, increase the number of specialists on staff internally, and expose over- and under-referral patterns that can help reduce costs and improve the quality of patient care.

With i2i Systems Referral Manager, this critical business process can now be managed more effectively.


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